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  • Maliwan Thaï Cuisine / Maliwan | 02-Feb-19 |

    Maliwan has moved location to Rue de-Monthoux 64 (Jame's Pub) and provides lunch service.

  • La Bonne Affaire | 02-Feb-19 |

  • Maliwan Thaï Cuisine / Maliwan | 22-May-18 |

    great lunch offers each week day.
    Photos speak for themselves

  • Maliwan Thaï Cuisine / Maliwan | 21-Feb-17 |

    Maliwan does a great job offering Plats du Jour unique every day. The taste is great!
    It is a casual environment where you can spend a long lunch with friends

  • Reaun Thai | 21-Feb-17 |

    very good choices on the Thai menu. The taste of the Thai food is correct.
    rsvp as the dining room fills each evening

  • Maliwan Thaï Cuisine / Maliwan | 17-Jan-17 |

    great spicy choices. You have to ask

  • Fenomeno | 09-Jul-15 |

    The Thai food menu has been expanded now by offering more traditional dishes. She´s provided a menu of finger foods, Plats du Jour, as well as a traditional Thai menu dinner choices.
    The fresh exotic dishes are offered for a reasonable price, and is well worth a next visit.

  • Maliwan Thaï Cuisine / Maliwan | 15-Jun-15 |

    The newly improved cuisine at Fenomeno has changed since March 2015. Maliwan has brought in some traditional Thai recipes and Thai Pub food. The Phad Thai is excellent, the fried fish in three flavour sauce is fantastic. The Som Tam is very spicy in time for the warm weather.

  • Il Fornello Napoletano | 15-Jun-15 |

    one of the great things about this place it will always be open when you´re hungry! Open on Sundays is fantastic!

  • Sushi Boky | 24-Feb-13 |

    A small 12 seater & take-out resto that does not serve "sushi". Sushi remains from the previous owners a few years ago.
    Highly recommended Thai food and asian stirfry. Thai specialties can be ordered not listed on menus.

  • Il Fornello Napoletano | 23-Feb-13 |

    great easy italian cuisine

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